Schools and education in Turkey

Turkish people love children, so if you are moving with a young family you can be sure your children will get lots of attention and be well cared for, both in school and at play.

All children, Turkish born or not, are entitled to a state education (charges and fees may apply) and there are also private, international schools in the larger towns and cities.

Education for all:

  • * Education is compulsory in Turkey for the 8 years of primary school, with most children graduating with a Primary Education Diploma
  • * Children go to primary school from 7 - 14 years and some younger children go to nursery school, though this is less common in Turkey
  • * From 14 - 18 years they can go to a general or vocational-technical secondary school, where they choose what courses they do, taught by subject-specialist teachers
  • * Because all classes in state schools are taught only in Turkish, many expat parents choose to send their children to private international schools
  • * International Schools, for children aged 2½ - 18 years, are mainly found in larger towns and cities and all are fee paying though less expensive than similar schools in the UK
  • * In some International Schools, classes are based on the English National Curriculum so if your son or daughter is already on a course, there is every chance it could be continued here

Quick Facts:

  • * Children in primary school stay in the same class with the same teacher until they graduate
  • * There are no fees for public education until college or university
  • * Education is well funded in Turkey, having over 22% of the national budget
  • * Turkey has an excellent reputation for courses in science, technology and communications