Driving and Public Transport in Turkey

Out and About

If you want to travel freely and see places that are away from the main towns and cities, you might want to bring your own car over to Turkey or buy a new one here.

If you do, then you'll have to remember to always drive on the 'wrong' side of the road and to learn all you need to know about Turkey's highway-code.

Keep safe and stay legal:

  • * Always drive on the right and take things slowly until you get used to it
  • * Keep to speed limits: 130 kph (78 mph) on expressways, 90 kph (56 mph) on highways and 50 kph (30 mph) in built up areas - on the spot fines can be expensive

    (Speed limits quoted are for guidance only and are subject to change)

  • * Don't drink and drive
  • * Driver and all passengers, front and rear, must wear seat belts
  • * In an accident don't move your car until the police arrive and you must show then copies of your vehicle registration, insurance policy and driver's licence, so keep them in your car at all times
  • * You can drive on your international driving licence until it expires but consider getting a Turkish one too. Apply for one via the local police department.
  • * Third party Turkish insurance is mandatory but costs very little

Trains, planes and the rest

If you don't fancy driving, you can get to most places quite cheaply on public transport.

  • * Taxis are cheaper than in most other European countries
  • * A dolmus, either a car or a minibus, is like a taxi but follows specific routes - it's relatively cheap to use and very convenient.
  • * City buses are inexpensive but get crowded at rush hour. Buy tickets in advance from a ticket booth for municipal buses and pay the driver on private buses.
  • * Train travel in Turkey can be fun - the only drawback is that they can be a little slow - an overnight sleeping car train is a great option for longer journeys
  • * Internal flights are improving but can be expensive

Wherever and however you choose to travel, you'll see some amazing sights and meet some lovely, interesting people on your way.

Quick Facts:

  • * Police can impose on the spot fines if you break any of the rules of the road
  • * If you have an accident in the city, call 154 for the traffic police
  • * Involved in an accident outside of the city, call 156 for the Jandarma
  • * Taxis in Turkey are bright yellow in colour